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Scanners have advanced rapidly over the last decade. They are the modern-day equivalent of the overhead projector, a device that many older teachers and their students may remember. Scanners are comprised of a mounted camera that displays the image of whatever is under it onto an interactive whiteboard or other visual display.

Developments to the scanner now mean they can be used to display and capture documents, reports, student work, drawings, photos and even small objects.

Scanners differ slightly from visualisers as they are often a higher resolution and often have the convenient ability to auto sequence pages in a document. Scanners such as the ones from Czur contain features including smart paging, auto alignment, correct position, multi target scanning and the ability to clean up document backgrounds making the words easier to focus on.

The scanners are also useful for school libraries using their ability to capture uneven documents. Handy for running OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on bound books.

Czur scanners enable users to transfer scanned pages into editable files, ideal for teachers to send work to students for them to complete and send back.

Scanners help students to avoid overloading their working memories by reducing cognitive load. This means they are more likely to retain and store information that they’ve learned in class in their long-term memories. Teachers can share images of just about anything and record lessons for students to play back in their own time, while revising or studying for that subject.

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